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Tim Hodgson

Tim Hodgson

Director, Westcourt Group Ltd




​Tell us more about your current role. What achievements are you most pleased about?

Westcourt Group Ltd. is a family business founded by my father in 1992. Sadly, he passed away in 2011. The achievement I am most proud of is Kenneth Hodgson House, a Grade II listed former bank on Park Row Leeds that had fallen into disrepair. We bought this property in 2012 and undertook a considerable renovation and reparation programme to bring it back to its former glory. Once completed, I renamed this magnificent building in memory of my dad. Earlier this year, Kenneth Hodgson House won a Commendation and an award for use of Lighting at the prestigious Leeds Architecture Awards.

(Photo shows before, after and the Kenneth Hodgson House at night.)

What are your next steps and ambitions?

I am looking to expand the development work we do at Westcourt. I have a strong team of professionals within construction, surveying and legal, and intend to push on with building more retail sites, hopefully we can branch out with some smaller residential developments. I want to explore ventures outside my usual work; I am currently entertaining the idea of investing in the restaurant market and also,​ because I am keen on fitness and health, I would like to think that one day I will own a gym.

What did you enjoy most about being a student at Leeds Trinity?

Leeds Trinity was smaller than a lot of the main universities and as such, I really liked the fact that it was easy to get to know people. I made some great friends and recently attended a reunion to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the date we began college. My favourite aspect of my course was Theology; I loved philosophy and in Media I got to study gangster movies for my dissertation!

How did your university experience help you reach your current position?

After Leeds Trinity, I took a gap year and then went to Sheffield Hallam to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Property, Valuation and Management.

Any other comments about what it was like to be a student at Leeds Trinity?

I have been fortunate to be invited over the last couple of years to talk to students in the Business department at Leeds Trinity. I can tell that although the university has expanded considerably since I attended, it remains a really warm and welcoming place. One that I'm sure provides a great start for many.